Nürmanstone: a name

It’s not impossible that our name sounds familiar, like a deja vu “je ne sais quoi”. If it does, it’s because you’re made of the same DNA.

Nür-man-stone: and yes, you guessed it, it’s the contraction of the names of the three mythical circuits that are the Nürburgring, Le Mans and Silverstone. These places resonate as places of worship for all motorsport enthusiasts. The history of both cars and motorcycles was written here.

This contraction finally gives birth to a majestic name that perfectly matches our brand.

Nürmanstone was born out of a simple observation.

When you are passionate about beautiful mechanical engineering, whether it is a car or a motorcycle, it is very difficult to show that you belong to this great family without being transformed into a billboard. There are many brands, each one more friendly than the other. That said, their products are better suited to be worn in a “relaxing” setting rather than during business or any formal occasion.

We have therefore started from this point to offer you shirts that will allow you to highlight this passion that is dear to you both during a ceremony and during your business meetings for example.

Of course, we also wish to develop other products, and we too will propose “casual” clothing that you can wear on any occasion.

Why stop at clothing.

To be a Nürmanstone customer is to be part of a club, to correspond to certain values. That’s why we don’t want to stop at just producing clothes. We will allow you to live your passion within the club. We are going to allow you to follow, via our blog, the news of the brand, but also car and motorcycle events as well as the lighting of vehicles or garages of enthusiasts.

Finally, we will offer you discovery outings, circuit days and other events during which you will be able to meet, exchange and develop your network of acquaintances within the family of enthusiasts of beautiful motorcycles.

Quality above all.

Creating a French brand for gentlemen drivers is not trivial. This is why we have chosen to manufacture top-of-the-range products. We have therefore chosen to work with the best suppliers. Our shirts are made in France, at a manufacturer who already works for the biggest luxury brands. They are made of Italian fabrics whose know-how is recognized worldwide. As for our polo shirts, they are made in Portugal.

Apart from qualitative reasons, they seem logical to us to make our French and European compatriots work.

Moreover, if the manufacturing lead times are longer, the delivery times are shorter, thus allowing us to satisfy our ecological values.

Our method of distribution.

Internet is, to date, the best global showcase for a brand such as ours. It is also the best way for you to benefit from lower structure costs. Thus, we are able to offer you top-of-the-range products at a price divided by half compared to a conventional distribution method with equivalent quality.