If you’re a fan of beautiful cars, you probably went to Paris last month to walk the aisles of the 2020 edition of the Retromobile show.

If we didn’t have the opportunity to go there, let us show you some of the most beautiful models on display.

Don’t be angry if we couldn’t take all the vehicles worthy of interest, as our equipment was limited, we came up short.

First of all, you should know that the Retromobile show has 3 halls and allows you to enjoy the extremely rare cars presented by the biggest companies as well as to do some shopping (related to cars of course).

A first hall counted the “Automobilia” sellers (understand everything related to the automobile: parts, miniatures, clothing, furniture, decoration), some manufacturers such as Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen, or Alfa Romeo, but also the signs specialized in the purchase/sale of prestigious vehicles.

By its surface area as well as its content, it was the centre of attraction of the show.

We’ll get back to that…

The other halls, on the other hand, allowed smaller structures such as clubs to share their know-how and passion.


Hall 3 : more closed to the public


Sometimes a simple car on a stand like here with the friendly Amilcar or the friendly Talbot


Nevertheless, these halls were no less interesting with old competition glories and other preparations.

On the stand of the Wheelers Dealers France show was a sublime preparation based on Ford GT belonging to One Day One Car.

With its perfect paintwork, covered with 7 layers of varnish, it counted among its noble parts, many carbon elements.

The Mercedes club exhibited a superb 300SL on a large area dedicated to it.

A sales area was dedicated to individuals wishing to offer their car for sale.

Of course, we did not cover the hundred or so different cars. However, the English cars were quite strongly represented.

An exhibition was devoted to agricultural machinery. Yes, you’re not dreaming, it’s an Alfa Romeo tractor.

Our attention was particularly focused on this Renault with “Square Wheel”, so to speak.

Intended to increase the bearing capacity in muddy soils, this system was heavy and very complex.

However, it was used for a long time in England according to the exhibitor.


Hall 2 : Arcurial auction


Hall 2, mainly had the Arcurial sale. It opened its doors to the general public during our visit.

Obviously, the instruction when entering the stand was not to touch the vehicles. Given the rarities on display, this seemed quite logical.

As soon as we entered the stand, this Ferrari 250 welcomed us.


Followed by a Porsche 911 handle like this orange 2.7 RS.

Some 356 as well.

As you’ve seen in our lineup, the 3.0 CSLR racing car inspired us.

So it’s hard not to be in admiration of this 3.0CSL.

Among many Bugatti and other pre-war beauties, one could appreciate this Talbot Lago T14 coupe coming out of the barn.

Bugatti racing cars are always part of this type of sale.

The Porsche 906 was eagerly awaited, it reached new heights during the sale.

Much more than this Rondeaux who nevertheless took part in the Le Mans 24th.

Another “Mancelle” who found a buyer, this Jaguar XJ220c prepared by Tom Walkinshaw Racing and driven among others by a certain Belmondot.


On leaving this hall, a surprising coupé was promoting an upcoming Italian trade show.

Une Bizarrinni .


The long corridor that joins hall 1 is nothing more than a footbridge overlooking a Parisian street.

It hosted an exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the Czech brand Tatra.

With a special model, powered by a 2-stroke v8 engine recognizable by its longitudinal “aileron”.

A mix between a 2cv, a pre-war sedan and an LMP1 …


This huge engine is the one that equipped the Tatra trucks that took part in rally-raids such as the Paris-Dakar.




Le Hall 1 : attention les rétines !!!


As we said at the opening, Hall 1 had the rarest, most expensive and most beautiful cars.

It was difficult to stay focused, as our eyes could be drawn from all sides.

On the other hand, it was unfortunately at this very moment that we ran out of battery power on the camera.

“Shame on us” (shame on us) for not having taken an extra battery.

No matter, we already have enough to delight your retinas.

So let’s start with a small selection of the race cars on display.

The Sauber C9: Victorious of Le Mans in group C. It won all the 1989 championship races except the one of Dijon-Prenois where it finished 2nd. Many drivers were counted on the cars of the Team including, for example, Henri Pescarolo in 1987 or Jean Louis Schlesser between 1988 and 1990.

Nissan R390LM GT1 : Born from Nissan’s desire to shine in international competitions and with Le Mans 1997 and 1998 in the line of sight, Nissan produced this prototype (which was not the first), enthusiastic about the results of the GTR R33 LM that the regulations had finally pushed towards the exit. Tom Walkinshaw Racing aka TWR collaborated with Nismo teams to design the car. His 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged 650hp aluminium v6 then allowed the engine to be taken out of the standard 350Z (without turbo in his case).

For the anecdote, you should know that there is only one road version of this car, deflated to 550hp.

4 Car, of which this one took part in the 1998 Le Mans 24 hours with a 3rd place as best classification.

BMW has had great success with the 6 Series E24 in the sense that many teams have chosen it for endurance races.

It was not the fastest but its reliability allowed some teams to be in the forefront of major races such as the 24h of Spa.


Competition enthusiasts all know this Dodge (Chrysler) Viper, prepared by Oreca for the 2000 season.

Its V10 still haunts the trees that line the Hunaudières straight.


No need to introduce this Porsche 917 and its “psychedelic” color.

Peeter Auto, which organizes many high-profile events, presented this BMW M1 in Motorsport colours which will probably be visible at Le Mans Classic among others.

Endurance still with this Mc Laren F1 in the Gulf colours, which has also left its mark on the Sarthe circuit.


On the same stand, another “timepiece” with MC Laren Senna


Less well known but no less worthy of interest, this Jaguar from the Leyland team caught our eye.


Again, there’s no need to introduce this Porsche.


Impossible not to stop on this Ferrari 312P, used in the “war” against Porsche and Ford between 1969 and 1971: a Prototype based on the F1 of the time.


The F1 312, here it is: more precisely the 312B, old Formula 1 that Jacky IOckx drove in 1971 or 1972.


The star of the show was probably this Ferrari 330P4.

Beautiful, that goes without saying.

It came back on the scene with the movie Le Mans 66 (Ford Vs Ferrari elsewhere) even if in 66 it was the 330P3 that was officiating.

Ford GT40 :the famous containder of the 330P3.


Other less “iconic” racing cars were on display, no less attractive for all that.

We will end this presentation of race cars by the Audi R8 (LMP) which has also made great passes at arms on the Sarthe circuit by winning the race 5 years in a row.


Only few words are necessary here, you will surely recognize many prestigious vehicles from the history of the automobile.


BMW 507…



Importer Shelby played the Le Mans 66 (Ford vs Ferrari in the USA) movie card to the fullest.


L’anniversaire de la Citroen SM a été fêté dignement. Que dire de ce rare plateau qui servait, à l’époque, à convoyer de luxueuses anglaises.


We’re not introducing you to that Mercedes skewer, either.




A surprising amount of Miura that would have almost made it seem trivial if it wasn’t one of the most beautiful cars ever produced.

If we tell you that we have in stock a pattern for Italian car lovers… 😉


The stand at the brand’s historic centre had everything to please. No frills, just the essentials…SUBLEME !!!



The FCA group (Fiat /Chrysler /Alfa) exhibited this rally beast of the “great era”. Intriguing with its front cantilevered engine…strange weight distribution.

Renault : we didn’t take the time to look at their stand and yet…

…yet there was this superb Primaquatre SAPRAR: a convertible built by Marcel Pourtout on a design by Georges Paulin in 1939 if our sources are good.


And how could we not end up on this work of art that was enthroned among works of art: a Jaguar Lister completely made of brushed aluminium.



So there you go. Yes, the racing Alfa 8C, Bugatti EB110, yes the Peugeot and Citroen are missing, yes some cars are missing.

But we hope that we have given you the opportunity to visit a little bit this wonderful event that is Retromobile.

Who knows if we won’t be there in the future???? Of course, we hope to be able to offer you our stand.


See you soon if you like our articles and welcome to the club !!!