An unusual Porsche 914

Nürmanstone is a clothes brand of enthusiasts, as you can see. That’s why we wanted to offer you a blog section.

So here you are, starting the first article dedicated to a car enthusiast’s car.

Don’t get me wrong, my journalistic talents are limited and the idea is, here, to offer you some reading and above all some nice pictures.

Why start with this Porsche 914???? Well, quite simply because the publication of a photo of this car on the networks has earned us many additional requests.

Luckily for you, I know its owner very well.

I met Daniel about ten years ago when a mutual contact introduced us to photograph his garage.

Happily retired, he likes to share his passion for Porsches and especially the 914.

If you get him started on the subject, he’s capable of holding hours of discussion with eyes that sparkle like a child’s in a toy store.


He is particularly familiar with this model, which he took to heart nearly 40 years ago.

He bought the car you are looking at almost a decade ago.


This 1800 model from 1975 was already practically as you see it, with its candy purple colour and GT kit.



He doesn’t know where this hue comes from, but it is true that it doesn’t leave one indifferent, especially as here in the sun.



Daniel has equipped his 914 with 9-inch ATS rims with 225 x 15 rear tires. Problem: they were touching the wings. So the camber adjustment shoes had to be transformed so that the wheels could fit in the fenders. Believe me on words, when you follow him, you can only notice the inclination of the wheels.




The front rims are 7 inches wide with 205mm wheels. Enough to make the little German tray stick to the road with a very “racing” look.



The long-range headlights give the “frog” a sporty (more rally-like) look.



On the bodywork, nothing exceptional except for the addition of grey stripes that Daniel felt would revitalize the line. He told me that today, he would be removing them.

After all, “only fools don’t change their minds”.



The engine compartment is almost original with its flat 4 aircooled, well known to VW enthusiasts.

Only Weber IDF carburettors and their air filters are hidden in it.

The exhaust is an adaptable model that sings copiously.



Daniel, always in an “outlaw/racing” spirit, fitted a steering wheel as well as period velvet bucket seats.

They offer real comfort with excellent lateral support.

I would add that this interior is only reserved for a certain category of people… Indeed, if you feel like measuring more than 1m80… you would quickly get cramped.

I’ve always liked Porsche’s welcome for oversized drivers, but I can’t help but admit that the 914 is a departure from the rule.




There you go. Not much information, certainly, no juicy anecdote, but you can believe me, this car has been driven a lot on the roads of Northern France, Belgium and also on the track on occasion. No doubt that it will still accumulate a few more miles by the end of its career… if it ever does…

I wish you a good day and hope you enjoyed this article and its photos.

We were able to do some video rushes with a smartphone and produce a short video available on our Youtube page.

Certainly not a video at the level of those produced by our service provider Paul & Jon who set the bar very high with his productions. But after all, we make clothes… each to his own.

See you soon

Jean-Baptiste George