Yes, 2020 is definitely not the ideal year to launch a high-end clothing brand for car enthusiasts.

As a reminder, Nürmanstone was officially born in October 2019, after about 2 years of work.

We received stocks of shirts in February and polo shirts in March 2020…

You will admit that to be more synchronous with the containment, we had to be excellent.

As in any company, we had established a communication plan. And as we know that customers like to see what they buy, we had planned to be present at trade fairs. Starting with Lille Auto Heritage, supposed to be held in April 2020 and postponed to December (we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will be held).

Other events such as Le Mans Classic or Goodwood Festival, were supposed to allow us to meet important people for our brand. They have been cancelled, like many other meetings.


The CHTI CLASSIC is an important event for Porsche enthusiasts north of Paris. For several years now, this tourist rally, followed by an exhibition, has brought together hundreds of cars of the Stuttgart brand.

The Saturday is dedicated to the rally, during which the participants enjoy the driving sensations of their cars to reach Hardelot: a popular seaside resort on the Opal Coast in the Pas de Calais region.

Organised by the Porsche Tourcoing Club (the largest club north of Paris), it is a moment of passion and conviviality for its members.

As for him, Sunday allows the Porsche riders to display their cars in the streets of the seaside resort. The whole event is masterfully organised by the club’s volunteers.

Exhibitions, animations, and exhibitor villages usually make the charm of the day very appreciated by the public.



We had decided (a little late) to be among the exhibitors in the village. And with good reason: our range of clothing includes polo shirts and shirts inspired by the 911 Carrera 2.7RS.

We had therefore worked hard to offer a stand worthy of the event. We had ordered the necessary material and our preparations were in full swing.

Suddenly!!! it’s drama!!! (to quote the TV shows of the 90s)

Friday: before D-Day, a member of the club calls me. The tone of his voice during his presentations quickly gives me the substance of the message to come.

A prefectoral and then municipal decree forbids the “non-essential” event because of COVID-19.

My incomprehension is total (and I remain polite). How can they prohibit the holding of the CHTI CLASSIC, outdoors, when the exhibition is dispersed throughout the seaside resort, which, let’s not forget, is swept away by sea breezes? I am not a virologist, but I have no doubt that this is preferable to holding football matches or an afternoon shopping in a shopping mall.

In short, it is not a question of looking for any culprit. That’s the way it is, you have to deal with it.


My favourite sentence being that the good ones look for solutions when the bad ones find excuses, I don’t intend to stop there.

Nevertheless, it seemed quite logical that the many visitors and participants who had planned this weekend (with hotel and other reservations) would be there.

So it’s decided, if the planned staff is dispensed with, I will be present on site and distribute flyers. That will always be taken. By the way, it will be an opportunity to spend a good day and to exchange with the people present, some of whom I know.

Arrived at 10:30 am on site, I quickly notice that, if the 400 vehicles initially expected will not all be present, many Porsche riders have made the trip. So begins a “photo/flyers” ride. Flyers to make us known. Photos to present the event here.

Among the stars of the day, we could appreciate “Champagne” and “Burgundy”, the 2 creations of Nakai San, (Rauh Welt Begriff) presented by the French importer : Easy Cars in Reims.


















There was then a wide range of 911s and other models scattered according to the availability of places.

Some cars went more unnoticed than others. Still, the addicts of the German flat 6 had something to look forward to, all under a bright blue sky and summery temperatures in September.

Rather than writing a long and soporific piece of writing, I suggest you take advantage of the pictures below.

Finally, I would like to thank the club’s managers but above all to congratulate them for the solutions they have put in place.

We hope to be able to offer a Nürmanstone stand in a future edition which I am sure will be a complete success.

Enjoy your visit and see you soon.

Jean-Baptiste George

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