The Club

Because it is our passion for beautiful mechanics that drove us to create Nürmanstone, we want our brand to be more than just a high-end clothing brand. Every passion allows us to meet people and enjoy moments apart. This is why we offer you the Nürmanstone CLUB. By being a Nürmanstone customer, or simply by being, like us, in love with cars or motorcycles, you are already a part of the Nürmanstone club.

What is the Club?

The Nürmanstone Club is first and foremost a blog section on our website that will allow us to share with you the highlights of our lives as enthusiasts, to exchange with you through reports, photos or videos on events, garages or vehicles.
What would a passionate life be without encounters or strong moments of sharing?
With the Club Nürmanstone, we will offer you circuit outings, tourist rallies, meetings, …. Beautiful moments in perspective.
Finally, with the Nürmanstone Club, we will propose competitions or exclusive advantages.
So to be part of the club, nothing complicated, just subscribe to our newsletters. Don’t worry, we are aware that newsletters can clog up your mailbox. That’s why we will only produce one or two per month.